Cristina Rotondaro - Souls in a precious form

Souls in a precious form.


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My entire life, being born and raised in such distant and different places in the world has influenced my creativity with a fusion of many opposites, enabling me to understand that, after all, nothing is ‘different’ and we are all part of the same uniqueness, intended as the notion of being unique but also as the notion of being different.

The philosophy of my creations aspires to this very concept: the fact that we are all part of the same ONE, each of us in our own uniqueness, as we learn in yoga which means to unite (from sanscrit word yug), if we manage to see beyond the duality we all are one, united in our uniqueness.

At the beginning of my creative journey my work was the artistic expression of my nomadism with ethnic and ancestral symbol being researched and expressed. Nowadays I ‘play around’ with introducing alternative materials, technologies, finish, coating and exploring new ways of working with beauty in unconventional manners.

Symbols, their meanings and other elements of nature, arts and architecture continue to inspire me so my creations unite tradition and innovation, the past with the future in a contemporary way.

The common denominator will always be to create one-of-a-kind experience, a sculpture to wear but carefully maintaining them ergonomically correct and with high craftsmanship contents.

‘Souls in a precious form’ is this, a reflection the person’s frame of mind wearing it.

All my creations come from an interior experience and each piece has a name, a story, a concept, a research in terms of materials and an emotion that have inspired them.

Such adventure becomes even more unique when I am asked to create them bespoke. Then begins the one to one relation in which I dive in the world and spirit of the person commissioning the jewel…as a revelation of a small part of a of her soul to me..





Cristina Rotondaro, born in Kenya and daughter of an Italian ambassador, grew between Morocco, San Marino, the Philippines and Brazil.

Graduated in Business Management, and Master in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University.

Starts working at Saatchi & Saatchi, later moving to the Bvlgari, where he remained for six years, so living a fundamental experience to get to know the world of gems, from the point of view of gemology, that the production process.

In 2000 he begins his contract as a designer, creating its own brand: EKA which means A Sanskrit representing the name of a brand pursuit of the goal of it.

The designer’s creations are inspired by his life: travel, the natural elements, the imaginary worlds, the architecture, the art, the study of Yoga (she is a teacher certified by the Iyengar method, diploma achieved with one of the masters living, Faeq Biria).

Between 2003 and 2012, the creations of the designer, very appreciated among others, by the Queen of Jordan, are distributed by Barneys New York in the United States and across America, by Harvey Nichols in London in Capri in Milan in Vancouver by Holt Renfrew and flagshipstore in Rome, Rampa Mignanelli impressive mentioned as a ‘jewelry of the city’ for two years in the city Guide Louis Vuitton.

In 2011, exposes how unique jewelry designer at the 54th Biennale of Venice Arts.

Since 2012 lives in Rio de Janeiro, the city she decided to start in 2015 with the collection “One of a Kind”, created in his studio of the Garden at the Botanical Garden.
Increasingly interested in using unusual materials such as oxidized bronze, Brazilian and African wood, enamel, glass and silk threads, its creation is always seeking more art and the finest craftsmanship, as a preciousness.

He presented at the Triennale of Milan an iconic piece for the EXPO 2015 in Milan, called “e-KGilibrio” and in Rio with the Bazaar Art.

The ‘Trasparenze’ collection this year continues to explore materials, symbols and multicolored lights of stones and transparent glazes.

Cristina is the mother of two boys, Giacomo and Sebastian, and is married to an Italian manager. His true passion: white cat, White.

Arts & Design

Being born with an artistic spirit was not easy in my family but as usual, difficulties are there to temper our will and passion and make us understand who we are and what we really want to achieve.

I started with precious, pieces of art jewels with a concept and a soul and as the years went by I always looked for the essence of beauty, freed from the commercial valued. The concept and message always came from a personal experience and vision of existence.

I have played around with ebony, oxidized metals, titanium, PVD, springs, enamels, tree bark, bronze and many other alternative material because art, beauty and design must transcend value and classical paradigm but speak directly to the soul.



Was hosted in Milan, Italy and was considered the major world event that occurred there in the last decades.

‘Nourish the Planet, Energy for Life’ is the theme with the pioneering support of the UN and the UNE and the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).

It was the biggest event ever made about food and nutrition.

The participation of the designer Cristina Rotondaro is not something new. She was the only designer to expose at the Biennale of Venice in 2011. Her vision of the world and her nomadic spirit together with her sensitivity gave her the chance to present there the e-KGilibrio necklace. It represents her interpretation of this topic.

The launch was made at the Triennale of Milan, perfect frame for the designer, with the presence of artists, VIPs and journalists.




Como primeira etapa do projeto de solidariedade “Pele do Cristo Redentor” em colaboração com a Arquidiocese do Rio de Janeiro, foram doados um total de R$ 15.794,66 em favor da CASA MATERNAL MELLO MATTOS, para a construção do seu portal digital filantrópico visando uma maior divulgação do trabalho assistencial da entidade. Acesse e conheça em: